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HQ SOLAR - Plugging into the sun
serviceBased in Perth, Western Australia, HQ Solar is a family owned business specializing in installation of residential and commercial solar systems. The company takes extreme pride in offering remarkable and fully personalized services to its esteemed Aussie clients whom it values greatly.

Our products and services are certified by the Clean Energy Council of Australia for use in Australia, and duly meet the required Australian Standards for products and workmanship. At HQ Solar, delivering exceptional and cost-effective services that enhance solar energy efficiencies and security is not only our passion, but what we do best as well.

We have partnered with reputable industry leaders and quality brands so as to provide cutting-edge solar energy solutions that promote a cleaner and healthier environment for Australians.

Whether solar panels, inverters or other solar system component installations, we deliver excellent services that give our clients a unique and viable experience that cuts their electricity bill to zero.

Our powerhouse of experts has professional and real hands-on experience and works tirelessly to ensure you reduce your reliance on the less sustainable fossil fuels. As a notable solar installer, HQ Solar guarantees you great value with a genuine commitment to become part of your clean energy achievements.

HQ Solar’s distinct warranties and highest system performance sets us apart from the rest. Our clear insight into your requirements and in-depth understanding of the Australian solar market trends has rewarded us with an array of successful installation projects besides helping us generate premium clients from far and wide.

If you have been teetering with the decision to go solar using a professional installation company, now is the time to contact HQ Solar because at HQ, whatever your solar needs, we’ve got you covered!

Take control of your power bills today by installing a solar electric system on your home or business to generate free electric energy. For more on our warranty details please refer to our Terms and Conditions page.
Our philosophy is all about professional entrepreneurship and perfectly serving our clients. By choosing to do business with us you are giving us a chance to change a small part of your world and we are happy to do that professionally and passionately. It is a challenge that we fully accept with honor and dignity.